Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Minla HDW firmware upgrade v1.09 and new MinlaHDWapp v0.9

What's new:
- Resolution change support
- Digital zoom support

- improved stability
- automatically resets if cpu hangs due to power lack or fluctuations

Step-by-step upgrade process:

1. Switch off Minla HDW and open enclosure by unscrewing 4 screws on back cover. You will see pcb with microsd card. Carefully remove microsd card (do not bend camera flex pcb without a reason) and insert it in your PC.

2. Download microsd card image from here (archived with XZ):

3. Flash image to microsd card by using any flashing software (for example https://etcher.io/on Windows or "disks" on Linux).

4. After flashing process is completed open this file on microsd card:
and find string
"uid": "place_your_id_here"
change "place_your_id_here" to your Minla HDW UID.
Please note that UID must remain in quotes. So final string must look something like:
"uid": "ITjonwk3245221",

5. Save changes, insert card back to Minla HDW and close plastic enclosure.

6. Connect Minla HDW to flight controller.

7. Download new MinlaHDWapp here:

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

MinlaHDW Android app

MinlaHDW android app is made available for tests.
Please leave comments here or directly to my email if you will find any issues using it.