Saturday, December 20, 2014

4G GSM drone

Instead of building quad controller board from scratch (my attempts to do this are here and here the better way is to change a concept a little.
On this quad below I use NAZA M V2 flight controller and 4G receiver that links NAZA to internet.
By this setup I can use all neat features that Naza provide: great stabilization, GPS position hold, return to home etc., and control quad via internet by FPV. 
This add-on 4G receiver board can work with any other flight controller not only with Naza.

What it gives - unlimited range within GSM network coverage and FPV via same GSM link.
On another end - contorl panel on iPad and 4G wifi router.


  1. Hello there,
    have you ever tried to fly it when you are indoors and the quad is outside ? does it work ?

    1. Hello,
      Yes it works. There is no difference where the pilot is as long as internet connection is available.

  2. how do you controll the drone, through remote or your lap top, and what is the max range ?

    1. i think it will still working if the internet connection is ok and battery has power