Saturday, January 31, 2015

I think the idea of having GSM link onboard is highly underestimated in commercial drone industry for the moment. Most drones we see on the market now has either rc remote controller link or WiFi link which both has FPV option but both requires direct visibility or very limited in range. Alternative could be GPS waypoints, that gives you an option to program your mission beforehand on earth and as soon as you run it you off the control of your drone. Even more you can do by adding just a little device that will track your drone in flight sending you GPS coordinates and point on the map where your drone is via GSM network. There are few devices on the market that can update waypoints on the fly. But real power of GSM and specifically of 3G/4G is that you can get both FPV and control over the same GSM link. That means you are limited just by your battery and GSM network provider coverage. Even more,  by merging these two technics drones will be able to fly by preplanned waypoints and at the same time pilot can watch live video from onboard and take manual control at any time if needed.


  1. you are a genius. What board are you using to read the data