Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Over last few month I have made some improvements both to hardware and software:
From the hardware side:
- added mini usb port for easy firmware upgrade (need to make another blog post to describe in details).
- added few more channels to receiver board (now it's 8 in total). 5 are used by NAZA and 3 left for future needs, like servo controls, etc. and also can be used to tune NAZA gains in air.

There were some issues too. It was a totally wrong idea to place GPS sensor on board, it simply cannot find any satellites when GPS antenna is close to microcontroller. So still have to use separate GPS module.

Now hardware looks like this (except GPS which is removed from board):

From the software side:
- biggest improvement is that now tablet connects to receiver board p2p that highly offloads server which is just used to connect 2 devices as both has no public IP. 
- control panel app for Android and iOS (has some improvements on it's own and also a subject for another blog post).
- reduced video latency (depending a lot on mobile network though). In my case in Moscow region I have about 0.4 sec latency - on picture below).

Weather is getting better so will try to post new flights videos in a next few days.