Saturday, August 20, 2016

Android App

"Minla Control" application is now available in Google Play Store.

1. When first opened - press "ADD NEW" menu item.
2. Fill in "Name" field - it can be any text you want.
3. Fill in "Minla unique ID" - is your Minla receiver id - same as you use when you access web interface.
4. "Web interface URL" can be left default if you didn't modify original Minla web interface html file.
5. Press "Save". You will see your new connection item on next screen. Press it and you will get to Minla web interface in full-screen mode and landscape orientation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

v0.19 firmware

Minla bootloader v0.02: minlaBootloader_v0.02.dfu
Minla firmware v0.19: minla_v0.19_firmware.bin
Minla GUI v0.01: minlaGUI_v0.01.jar

v0.19 includes all features of v0.18-experimental plus:
- 4S lipo battery voltage sensing on pin 11
- various bug-fixes and minor improvements