Sunday, July 3, 2016

v0.18 firmware (experimental)

Minla bootloader v0.02: minlaBootloader_v0.02.dfu
Minla firmware v0.18: minla_v0.18_firmware.bin
Minla GUI v0.01: minlaGUI_v0.01.jar

This is the major firmware update with a lot of new features introduced.
1. Starting from version 0.18 firmware is released in form of ".bin" file.
2. New Minla modules are shipped with bootloader pre-programmed into device flash memory. For old ones - bootloader has to be programmed to flash memory in order to be able to receive new firmware upgrades.
3. Bootloader can be programmed using DfuSe firmware upgrade utility just as regular firmware file prior to v0.18. Once bootloader is programmed - firmware v0.18 and later can be uploaded to device internal memory using Minla GUI app on Windows or Linux PC.
4. Minla GUI was introduced to configure device and firmware upgrade (java version 8 is required to run Minla GUI on Windows and Linux. You can download latest Java here
5. Minla GUI can be used to configure camera initial state, resolution, image quality, gps source, mobile network settings, server settings and upgrade device firmware.
6. Various minor changes.

Step-by-step procedure to upgrade to v0.18:
1. Disconnect all wires from Minla and disconnect USB modem.
2. Proceed with minla_firmware_upgrade_v0.1_EN.pdf to upload minlaBootloader_v0.02.dfu (link above) to device internal memory.
3. Download and start MinlaGUI_v0.01.jar (link above).
4. Connect Minla to your Windows or Linux pc with mini-usb cable. You may need to install ST drivers for Windows pc if device is not recognized by system. Drivers can be downloaded by this link:
5. Select Minla from drop-down list and press "Connect".
6. In upgrade tab select firmware ".bin" file and press "Upgrade".
7. Once upgrade process is finished Minla can be configured via Minla GUI app.