Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Minla HDW server side made public

Due to increased price and availability pressure we had to take a decision to shut down our public Minla HDW server. To continue using Minla HDW customers are advised to run their own server.


  1. Run Linux x64 or Windows x64 virtual server instance on any cloud provider (like AWS, Google, Oracle cloud, MS Azure, Yandex, or any other cloud provider).
  2. Make sure UDP port 3001 is allowed in network firewall settings for incoming connections on your local server or cloud provider firewall settings.
  3. Run this executable file on the server:
    - for linux-x64: hdw-server-linux-x64
    - for windows-x64: hdw-server-win-x64.exe
  4. Update server field in boot/minlahdw/config.json file on Minla HDW device micro sd card with server DNS name or public IP address. 

  5. Update Server field in MinlaHDW App with server DNS name or public IP address.