Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Minla HDW firmware upgrade v1.05

New firmware includes following bugfixes:
  1. Some mavlink messages were incorrectly dropped due to wrong checksum (EKF and Vibration as example). This upgrade fixes this.
  2. Improves stability of mavlink data flow.

Step-by-step upgrade process:

1. Switch off Minla HDW and open enclosure by unscrewing 4 screws on back cover. You will see pcb with microsd card. Carefully remove microsd card (do not bend camera flex pcb without a reason) and insert it in your PC.

2. Download and extract microsd card image from this archive:
As a result you must have minlahdw_sd_image_prod_v1.05_02.11.2018.img image file.

3. Next flash this file to microsd card by using any flashing software (for example Windows or "disks" on Linux).

4. After flashing is completed open this file on microsd card:
and find string
"uid": "place_your_id_here"
change "place_your_id_here" to your Minla HDW UID.
Please note that UID must remain in quotes. So final string shall look something like this:
"uid": "ITjonwk3245221",

5. Save changes, insert card back to Minla HDW and close plastic enclosure.

6. Connect Minla HDW to flight controller.