Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Minla HDW firmware upgrade v1.10 and new MinlaHDWapp v0.91

- Fixed bug in MinlaHDW desktop app where app stop responding when WiFi disconnects or WiFi network is changed.

Step-by-step upgrade process:

1. Switch off Minla HDW and open enclosure by unscrewing 4 screws on back cover. You will see pcb with microsd card. Carefully remove microsd card (do not bend camera flex pcb without a reason) and insert it in your PC.

2. Download microsd card image from here (archived with XZ):

3. Flash image to microsd card by using any flashing software (for example https://etcher.io/on Windows or "disks" on Linux).

4. After flashing process is completed open this file on microsd card:
and find string
"uid": "place_your_id_here"
change "place_your_id_here" to your Minla HDW UID.
Please note that UID must remain in quotes. So final string must look something like:
"uid": "ITjonwk3245221",

5. Save changes, insert card back to Minla HDW and close plastic enclosure.

6. Connect Minla HDW to flight controller.

7. Download new MinlaHDWapp here:

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